Why Treating the Scalp is just as important as the Hair

Why Treating the Scalp is just as important as the Hair

Why Treating the Scalp is just as important as the Hair

If you've thought about your hair care routine properly, you would notice that the focus is always on the hair rather than the scalp. That isn't the right way to go about it. It is easy to focus on a narrow process rather than a comprehensive one: this is usually the case with hair and scalp care.

This article highlights in detail why treating your scalp is just as important as treating the hair. To give you proper insights into why you need to care for your scalp, just like you care for your hair, this article also examines the anatomy of the hair.

The anatomy of the hair

The hair is made up of the part that is not visible, which is known as the hair follicle, and the part that is visible, above the scalp. The part that is above the scalp, the part that you see, is called the shaft. The hair follicle requires nourishment, and that nourishment comes from the scalp. Having covered this basic detail, we now go into more details of why your scalp’s health is important.

Why you should care for your scalp

We have already highlighted the basic importance of scalp care, the fact that scalp care influences the health of the follicles. Here are the other reasons why you should care for your scalp.

  • Healthy shafts: The entire hair is made up of the follicle and the shaft. The follicle is located within the scalp. The health of the scalp determines the health of follicles. Consequently, the health of the follicles determines the health of the shafts. To get healthy shafts, you need healthy follicles that are gotten from healthy scalps.

  • Improved hair aging: A healthy scalp helps to improve the hair aging process. Aging affects the hair, just like other parts of the body. When you pay good attention to your scalp health, your hair will blossom in its healthiest form. A healthy scalp will be able to produce healthy follicles. Even as you age, your hair is bound to maintain good health if you take good care of your scalp.

  • Luxurious hair: You can get luxurious hair by simply taking good care of your scalp. If you feed your scalp with ample nutrients, your hair health will improve, and you will get luxurious hair. You need to take care of your hair from its roots if you want luxurious hair. To take care of your hair from the roots, you have to pay attention to your scalp health.


When treating the scalp opt for the right hair care products that suit your natural hair. For instance the Nora's Hair Growth Oil and Yes Moisture Shampoo are two healthy products you should know about. These products promotes healthy hair growth and improves moisture in the hair.



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