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Haircare Products

To strengthen & fortify your hair
Our Hair Growth Products

Stimulates The Root

so you will grow thicker hair from the scalp
Get Instant Strength

Moisture & Shine

For beautiful & healthy Hair
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Hair Growth Products

Most advanced hair growth and daily vitamin hair products on the market with proven results.

Increase your hair length and strengthen roots with our hair growth products. Prevent hair thining and hair loss.

Start Shining Today from the Inside!

Hair Moisturizers

Designed for naturally dry and dehydrated hair, these hair moisturizers will work magic on your precious hair. Our moisturizing products help replenish dryness for all hair types

The Best Products for Dry Hair, According to expert Hairstylists.


Haircare E-Books

Whether you are new to natural hair care or a seasoned pro, these Ultimate Natural Hair Care eBooks are for you! You no longer need to search.

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About CEO
The Kenyatta Nicole

Healthy hair care and Natural hair styling has always been my passion. You have to be healthy from the inside out! Your health greatly impacts EVERYTHING about you, so your hair, skin & nail health can show signs of stress or disease before you realize it. When you leave my salon, you will leave with extensive knowledge about all products used on your hair during your visit, helpful tips for at-home hair-maintenance and aftercare. I can also guarantee that you’ll leave looking and feeling more beautiful and satisfied than when you walked in.

Your hair deserve long-lasting care, and you deserve more time in the week. Kenyatta Nicole offers high-quality natural/relaxed hair care services with products that work cohesively.

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