Frequently Asked Questions

About Products

Yes, our products work well. However, results vary from person to person. There are customers who have had results in as little as a week, while others may see results in 30 days

Results vary per person. We advise that you use the product consistently for 30 days before seeing results but some have seen results in as little as a week. Just use the product according to the instructions on the bottle. Consistency is key.

You can visit our website to view products for their ingredients such as ourThe Kenyatta Nicole!

Yes, our products work for all hair types/textures.

We have had a number of customers with alopecia to see results from using our products but we would always advise you to ask your doctor before using.

It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for Moisture Try our Yes Moisture Collection. If you are looking for Hair Growth try our Nora's Hair Growth Collection. You can also mix and match 

Yes we've had customers use it on children as young as 6 months. We do recommend you use your own discretion. Our products are safe and made with 100% natural ingredients and fragrances.

You can choose to use only the serum but your hair will benefit even more from using the whole line collectively.

Yes, our products work well on all styles including relaxed or permed hair.

Here at The Kenyatta Nicole  we pride ourselves on not only seeing results in growth but having healthy hair overall. Our products are made with natural ingredients and fragrances. We want to help our customers learn about achieving healthy hair and building confidence simultaneously.

Those with color treated hair can receive great results from all of our products! Nora's Yes Moisture Collection!

No, our products are meant to get your hair back on the right track but you will reap full benefits if you stay consistent.

We have not experienced any reverse effects from the discontinued use of our products.

Payments & Shipping

Shipping costs vary depending on your address and your order. You will have to review the shipping costs at the time of purchase.

We accept debit, credit card & paypal payments at this time.

All hair care products take 7-10 business days to process. Day 1 starts the day after your order is received. Tracking information is sent via email after processing. 

After your order has been shipped, it can take 3-5 business days to receive.

We do offer free shipping on Domestic Orders $100+.

Yes, you will receive tracking information once your order has left the processing window which is (7-10 business days) but it is possible to receive information sooner.

We do not accept returns or exchanges. No cancellations or changes can be made to your order after the order has been placed. If your order has not shipped we can however, make changes to the mailing address and your email address if they are incorrect. 

Yes, we often have sales and send out promotional offers to those that are subscribed to our mailing list.


To unsubscribed, please press the word unsubscribe in the sentence "If you're not interested in getting quality hair growth products you can unsubscribe at any time" at the bottom of our promotional emails.