Why Nora Haircare?

Why Nora Haircare?

Why Nora Haircare?  Nora's haircare was created with my clients in mind and to help take the load off. What do I mean by that. My goal was to create products that really works, help you save time and money. Every time I ask a new client what products they were using they would name beauty supply store products? I would then ask how do they like them and how do they use them? Most clients didn't like the results and have stated they have spent so much money on products that didn't work or they didn't know what to use.

When I was asked what should they use, I only could recommend professional products. Which was more expensive then they were use to but really worked. One day I had an "AhA" moment like Oprah say. That's how Nora's Haircare came about. 

Nora's Ree Line (Restore, Replenish & Regrowth Line) was design to help grow or maintain your healthy hair. Our Natural oils help to increase the blood circulation, improve scalp, stop hair from shredding, grow your edges and help to achieve Healthy hair. We understand its not all about length some women just want healthy hair. If that you This line is for you.

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Nora's Yes Moisture Collection was design to add moisture from start to finish. Starting with the Shampoo it adds moisture and leave your hair soft before you even apply the condtioner. Our Yes Moisture Collection not only moisturize your hair it also helps to strengthen  your hair as well. Yes Moisture keeps your hair from damage and breakage. If you are looking for Moisture This is the Line for you.


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