Why I can't live without these five products on vacation

Why I can't live without these five products on vacation

Everybody has those set of items or products they cannot do without on vacation. In this article, I will be sharing with you five (5) products I cannot live without and of course, why they're so important.

Have you ever been on vacation and kept having issues with your hair because it all messy and hard to maintain or keep in order?

It's more than likely; the required items were missing in your luggage. For me, those essential items/products are; silk bonnet, Nora's hair oil, facials, sleep masks and protective products (nose masks and sanitizers).

I care about my body; my face, my hair and my health in the general sense. I have a feeling you do too or at least should.

In the actual sense, people go on vacation to breathe, give their mind and body some time to recuperate from all that stress, so why would anyone want such experience to be tainted?

Below are the reasons why I cannot do or live without my silk bonnet, Nora's hair oil, facial products, sleep masks and protective products.

  • Silk bonnet: With my silk bonnet, I don't have to fuss about my hair because it keeps in order, protecting and preventing my hair from getting all messy. The secret is; silk bonnets or satin scarves are very soft, and so they cushion the hair against the harsh effects of the fibres from our pillowcases, bed sheets and other rough surfaces.
  • Hair oil: Nora's hair oil does wonders for my hair. Prevents dandruff, increases my hair growth and shine because of its amazing formula. Also, it prevents split ends and breeds a healthy scalp, so my hair doesn't itch, and it maintains its glow.
  • Facial products: Facial products vary, from face creams to scrubs, moisturizers and serums. Facials are designed to energize and freshen the skin's appearance, maintain a healthy and nourished skin tone (colour), and moisturize the skin. I can energize my skin for the day ahead or relax my face for a restful night's sleep.
  • Eye Masks: Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, always helps me get that healthy beauty sleep. They block the light, which prevents some people from falling asleep (at least quickly) because of how the brain and its compounds work. Scientifically, sleep masks are very beneficial for a great sleep.
  • Sanitizers and Facemask: Following the influx of viruses, flu and diseases, I cannot live without sanitizers and face mask. They're essential, germ-killing, protective/ preventive measures of infections.


Vacations are meant to be perfect in both relaxations of the mind and body. 'Little things' that may seem insignificant but are not can ruin this experience. For me, It makes no sense to be at my perfect dream destination, while my face, hair and body doesn't feel good. I can safely say you feel the same, too, you shouldn't make the mistake of leaving essential products like the ones mentioned above if you care about your body and want to have the perfect vacation.


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