Weight Loss Tips for The Holiday Season

Weight Loss Tips for The Holiday Season

Weight Loss Tips for The Holiday Season

Weight gain and the holiday season, especially Thanksgiving & Christmas, are synonymous. In between spending time with family, getting time off work, and doing your Christmas shopping, it is easy to struggle with healthy eating.

Research has indicated that the average person consumes about 3,000 more calories during the Christmas season than any other time. Even if you’re on a strict diet, during the holidays it is especially difficult to maintain weight loss goals without a strategic.

We have put together some tips that should be part of your Christmas season weight loss plan.

  • Portion control: The holiday season is a great time to take portion control more seriously. You should especially commit to eating portion sizes or using smaller plates during the holidays. When you eat lesser food portions, you are bound to be in better control of your weight, even when you are not on top of other activities.

  • Shop wisely: You will be tempted to do some extra food shopping during the holidays. You would want to shop for extra food because of guests that may drop by unexpectedly. Deciding to shop for extra food would derail your weight loss goals. Having extra food available will cause you to eat more than you usually do. Instead of shopping for extra food, make a list and try to account for every food item on this list.

  • Stay active: The average person already lives a somewhat sedentary life. During the holidays, sedentary activities naturally increase. If you do nothing about it, you will find yourself on the couch or on some other sedentary activity throughout the Christmas season. It is a natural tendency to just spend time doing nothing during the holidays. This is why a major part of your weight loss plan during the Christmas season should be centred around staying active. Since you will be hanging around friends and family, group activities are best for staying active. You could start a family walk or register in some form of community physical activity. Whatever you do during the holidays, stay active. It will greatly help your weight loss goals.

  • Minimize snacking: The holiday season is known for unhealthy habits like snacking. Unhealthy snacking is typically synonymous with the holiday season because of the increased access to snacks. This is why you should work on the accessibility of snacks during the Christmas season as part of your weight loss plans. Keep treats out of sight, and try to maintain a higher level of control over your snacking habits. If you want to snack on something, go for healthy snacks.

  • Practice mindful eating: There will definitely be a lot of food available during the Christmas season, and you will be tempted to eat mindlessly. Practising mindful eating will help you prevent unhealthy weight gain during the holidays. Do not just eat because you feel like it. Also, practice mindful eating tips such as eating slowly and not multitasking while eating.


Although the holiday period promotes continues eating and smacking of different types of juncks, it is still possible to maintian a healthy weight if you follow and implement the tips listed in this article.

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