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TopNotch Makeup Secrets for Black Women

TopNotch Makeup Secrets for Black Women

Not too long ago, choosing and applying the right makeup that creates a natural and complete look was an overwhelming undertaking for a lot of black women. This was largely because there were limited products and shades designed for the skin color and tones of women with color. Fortunately, new companies that manufacture makeup for black women are springing up. In fact, today, you can easily find makeup for black women that is made to suit all dark skin tones, starting from the chocolate milk hue and all the way to the rich brown shade. Here are all the tips you need for makeup success.


Care For Your Skin

The first and most crucial beauty tip for every woman, regardless of skin color, is taking proper care of your skin. A well-pampered skin is clear and even, which allows makeup to lay smoothly, amplifying your natural beauty instead of covering up blemishes.


Understanding Your Skin Shade

To select the best makeup for your African American skin, you have to recognize your skin’s unique elements that result in your exact shade. These elements include your skin tone and undertone – they determine your shade. While the skin tone is the presence or absence of the pigment known as melanin, the undertone is the tinting just below the surface of your skin, which could range from pink or red to green or yellow.


Use colors that make Your Lips Pop

Rich, vibrant lipstick colors against dark skin always pop, but the trick is knowing which is best suited for your skin shade. Lighter skinned women should try a deep orange or salmon color. Deeper skin tones with cool undertones might look best in reds. As far as colors to avoid, run away from silver, gray, and white, which tend to make dark skin look ashy.


Highlight Your Natural Beauty

Blush, and highlighter are not exclusive to fair-skinned women. Instead, these beauty products make sure your face doesn’t look flat after applying your foundation. For women of color, berry-colored blush can help add a warm glow to otherwise cool skin, while warm brown bronzers or blush works great for neutral and warm undertones.



Your melanin skin is already as gorgeous as it is. But if you choose to amplify its beauty, you don’t need to struggle while searching for the perfect products or look for a professional makeup artist to do the magic. There are hundreds of resources that can help you get the best makeup and appearance. However, these above-mentioned tips will serve as a foundation.

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