Tips and Tricks for preventing breakage and hair loss

Tips and Tricks for preventing breakage and hair loss

Everyone doesn't always have all the tips and tricks to ensure no breakage and less hair loss but luckily I have a few I live by...

So here we go.

1. Deep condition every 2 – 4 weeks. There is no question that deep conditioning is a must. The hard part is often determining the frequency with which to do it. If your hair is on the drier side and especially if it’s winter, every 2 weeks should work wonderfully. If your hair tends to retain moisture well, 4 weeks will do just fine.

2. Have your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks. If you’re like most, the idea of trimming your hair to help it grow longer sounds crazy to you. But listen. The reason you should do it is to keep split ends from splitting further up the shaft. Split ends cause breakage and that’s the last thing you want. Think of trimming as sacrificing an inch to gain a yard.

3. Use a protein treatment every 6 – 8 weeks. Protein treatments strengthen hair, repair damage, restore elasticity and prevent breakage. They create a protective barrier for your hair against dryness and chemical treatment. If you can, choose a treatment that is appropriate for your hair type. And don’t be tempted to use it more often as doing so can actually damage your hair.

4. Use scalp oil to maintain a healthy scalp. Using scalp oil before shampooing can protect your hair follicles during the shampooing process and restore moisture. My favorite is Nora's Hair Growth Oil

5. Stay away from stylists who pull your hair. You may have been conditioned to believe that having your hair stylist pull your hair is a normal part of being a Black woman, but it’s not healthy for your hair. Don’t let the fear of being called tender headed stop you from protecting your hair. Politely ask that he/she not pull your hair, and if they refuse, choose another stylist. OK. Now that we’ve got that part out of the way, I want to stress something to you. Throughout my extensive career as an expert natural hair care stylist, I have learned so many things. One of the most critical is the value of discipline when it comes to caring for your natural hair.


I highly recommend that you add your hair routine to your monthly calendar so that you are keeping track of what steps you need to take and when. If this sounds like too much, I recommend that you book a appointment  if your in Atlanta area. If not find a knowledgeable stylist who can recommend that right products, keep track of your regimen, and tweak your routine according to what your hair needs and its condition. If you have questions, you can call and set up an appointment with me, The Kenyatta Nicole, and we can do a quick consultation.

Well, that concludes our education session for today. Be on the lookout for next Friday’s Blog in which I request your opinion on what you’d like to learn about when it comes to caring for your natural hair. Take care! Set up your appointment with The Kenyatta Nicole. Shop for quality natural hair care products at

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