Thinking about Doing the Big Chop?

Thinking about Doing the Big Chop?

Ready to go back to your natural hair? You're not alone. Just about every other relaxed haired person you meet is considering the big chop. Or has done the big chop, so it's no surprise cuts are the trend this summer. But, for us, black women, it's more than fashion. It's self-love. We're unlearning, choosing to accept and care for our curls, coils, and kinks. I love to see it and yarn to help women do just that! But all cuts aren't equal. Sometimes, on the journey to hair love and healthy crowns, you'll give yourself a bad haircut. Start your journey with regrets by applying these haircut tips with a professional Hairstylist.

1. Start with a Plan After a few snips, you may second-guess your decision. It's best to get advice on what suits your hair and how much you need to trim to get your new look for the best result. Consult your hairdresser or an expert first. Many hair professionals now offer virtual haircut coaching sessions to guide you through the process. This worth considering since the first cuts are critical to ensure the result isn't unnecessarily short or awkward.

2. Use the Right Tools Professional shears are quite expensive for occasional at-home trims. Affordable options work just as well continuously if kept in their case and used solely for hair. That's because salon results need sharp scissors and shears for an even haircut.

3. Go Slow Don't be in a rush to finish. A big chop is something you'll have to live with or hide until your hair grows out or you book a salon appointment to fix it. Every couple of snips assess the overall look. Taking each cut slowly aid precision. The better the grip on the hair, the more control you'll have, and you'll have fewer uneven ends. You also won't chop off more hair than you intended.

4. Don't Over Correct Blunt haircuts are hard to achieve solo. To prevent snipping way too much hair while correcting, cut at an angle. If your hair is long and even, draw it back in a ponytail and cut the end. Otherwise, hold the layered hair in sections and snip at an angle. Because cuts to the hair ends of individual braids and twists can lead to uneven results and growth patterns. Remember. There's no shame in learning something new. If you don't like your at-home cut, your hair will grow back. Put the scissors down, walk away, and laugh or talk about it with a friend. Leave the salvaging to your hairstylist. Don't stress too much over a bad haircut. Stay home as much as possible, and get creative with your accessories. And if you rock it with confidence, no one will know you didn't mean for it to turn out that way.


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