Protective hair styles you can wear without weave.

Protective hair styles you can wear without weave.

If you want to change your everyday hairstyle, one of the first things you possibly will consider is installing hair bundles. In the summer, braids become the most popular protective style for the season. Chances are, you already have a pack hanging around in your home or on your waist. But just in case you want to give your hair a break from extensions. Here are naturalista styles that aren't afros.



Whether you're short-haired, long-haired, or middling the spectrum, mini twists are worth considering if you don't want to deal with braid hair extensions. It's suitable for both parties and professional occasions. Twists are easy to execute.

Before you begin, prep your wet, damp, or dry hair with oil for a light, non-sticky hold. Divide your afro into even parts. Then take a section of hair and twist it around another down to your hair ends. When done, you'll have a versatile, protective style wearable as updos, ponytails, and twist outs.


Cornrows with a Curly Puff

When it's too hot for a wig, rock this look. This hairstyle shows off your straight back cornrows and natural texture. Long hours of combing aren't required here. In under 30 minutes, depending on skill and hair length, you can have your hair done.

Just braid your hair back into a few cornrows and leave the ends loose. Pull the ends into a puff, then define your curls with water and cream. Apply a little holding gel to your edges to also create patterns in your baby hair for an extra pop.


Two Buns

Two buns are better than one. Double buns ensure you aren't drawing your hair too tight into the ponytail. Hence, your edges stay put longer. It's a gorgeous switch from typical puffs.

The style is achievable in several ways. Use cornrows, updos, or elaborate crisscrossing twists to gather your roots into two ponytails. With your hair ends up, wrap them into buns to finish the look.



Flat Twists

Versatile and easy to create. It's the perfect alternative to cornrows. That you can jazz up with gold clasps. A quick hashtag search of #flattwists on Instagram will result in thousands of beautiful variations that only appear complicated. The style works best for both relaxed and natural hair.

Regular two-strand twist hangs, while flat twists are two-strand twists done on the scalp. To begin, part the hair from the hairline to the nape of your neck into two equal parts. Start from the outer edges. Twist the two sections of hair around each other. As you twist, gently incorporate hair, work your way backward, and secure at the end.


Here's the thing.

These protective styles look good and are sure to last, so you won't need to manipulate your hair much for awhile. All four are simple to execute on curly, coily, or kinky hair at home without Youtuber-level skill. Do you find styling your hair unnerving or tricky? Book an appointment - I believe you should feel good rocking your natural hair.


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