Press on Nails is a big Trend in 2020

Press on Nails is a big Trend in 2020

Why I think Press on Nails is a big trend now!!!!

Press-on nails are, no doubt a trend as its demand has been rapid and consistent over time. These are already-made nails, with different designs. They are very easy to use, only glue is needed to keep them on

At the moment, press-on nails are taking over the market due to the damages caused by gel extensions and acrylics. Managing ill-looking, dark coloured or even injured cuticles which could lead to a whitlow can be quite disturbing and comes with highly discomforting pain.

Other reasons why press on nails are in trend at the moment include the following.

  • Versatile: No matter how stretched far and wide your finger beds are, you'll always find a press-on set that suits you. Don't let the size of the display pair in the front of a box bother you if they look too small, just try sizing others you'll likely find your match within the dozens of bigger nails stowed inside. In addition, the designs are varied. You will always see what matches your taste from cartoon designs, floral or just plain.
  • They are durable and easy to fix: The hardest thing about using press on-nails might be finding your desired size and style because once that is done, you're good to go as putting them on is alarmingly easy. Just a drop of glue at the tip and base does it; overdoing can be messy. Afterwards, press down firmly for a few seconds while the glue dries, and that's all. Press-on hardly chip, lose their shine or shape. Still, if one pops off prematurely, you can clean it with alcohol, file down the edges, and glue it right back on.
  • Press-on is a healthier option for your natural nails: The damage caused on the nails by gel polish or acrylics is missing in the case of press-on. You just have to be patient when soaking them off. You can use nail polish remover, or warm soapy water and nail oil to get them off, no stress.
  • They're cheaper and more flexible: Press-on cost less than extensions with gel polish or acrylics. This means that you can afford to switch styles after a couple of days.
  • They suit the fashion/beauty world: Press on nails are perfect for all kinds of events. Due to their flexibility, nail artists use them to create unique looks for shows. Also, press-on nails have remained essential for runway events, and runway trends always trickle down to the mainstream.


Press-on nails are trendy at the moment, and there are indications that they might be up the ladder for aa long time due to the flexibility and benefits they offer. As stated above,  they are versatile, cheaper, healthier option and even perfect for all event types.

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