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New Year: How to set goals and stick with them

New Year: How to set goals and stick with them

That time of the year when you get to set new goals is just around the corner. Goal setting is important for achieving success in all kinds of endeavors.

In life, goal setting helps to align and work towards expectations. It is recommended by experts, including life coaches. While goal setting is a general positive behavior, the benefits only come from working with the goals and actualizing them.

Goal setting is a beneficial behavior only if you stick to the plan. This article highlights tips for both goals setting and actualizing them in the New Year.

  • Make your goals plain: It is easy to make goals in your head and hope to achieve them. This is one of the top reasons why people struggle to achieve their goals. Writing down your goals is a simple hack for achieving them. When you write out your goals, you make them plain and establish a system that can be reviewed. Instead of making goals in your head, write them out and review them periodically. You want to also make your goals visible. Keep them in areas of high traffic such as your bathroom or kitchen; adding them to your fridge or bathroom door is a great idea.

  • Keep the goals simple: New Year come with so much hope and enthusiasm. You will be excited to do a lot and smash all your goals at the beginning. While that is good motivation, it only sets you up to achieve little. Instead of setting huge goals that you would most likely not achieve, set simple goals that are easy to achieve. This works both ways. You would easily achieve your New Year goals. As you achieve small goals, you will also become motivated to pursue bigger goals.

  • Keep your goals measurable: A big part of setting and achieving goals is keeping the goals measurable. Knowing that you’re making progress may just be all the motivation you need to achieve your goals. Keep your goals measurable by using numbers. Instead of hoping to reduce your screen time, you can modify the goals to include numbers. For example, you can aim to reduce your screen time by 1 hour daily.

  • Set goals in different categories: Setting goals in different categories compartmentalize things, and empowers you to achieve your goals. You can break down the huge goals into small multifaceted goals. The top categories we recommend are finance, work, relationship, and spiritual goals. Set specific goals in these different areas and work towards achieving them individually. You will find yourself achieving your goals with much less pressure than when you try to achieve the goals as a whole.

  • Get an accountability partner: Accountability partners help to keep you in check and help you stay in line. Get someone that you can review your goals with and note your weaknesses and strengths. Be sure to include a reward system into your goal setting system.

Setting and achieving goals requires creating goals in an easy way that encourages you to achieve them.


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