Natural Hair Mini Braids and Twists HairStyles

Natural Hair Mini Braids and Twists HairStyles

We all know, over-manipulating your hair is just as damaging as not caring for it at all. Sometimes, the best thing you can do for your sanity and hair is to take a break from the styling process. There are assortments of braid and twist styles you can create on natural hair that lasts up to six weeks. They're easy to achieve at home or salon when your Michelle-Obama-like biceps are tired.

To get started, you'll need:

• Patience

• Handheld mirror

• Water spray bottle

• Double prong clips

• All-natural hair oil

• Leave-in conditioner or butter-based cream

Styling Process:

1. Begin with a cleansed scalp It's best to start with a cleansed scalp, so the hairstyle stays fresh longer. This style is perfect for freshly washed, damp, or stretched, dry hair. The choice depends on your hair type to reduce potential tangles and knots.

2. Part the hair Begin with the end in mind. Determine what you'd like the finished result to look like and section your hair accordingly to get there. Then, secure your hair with a clip and apply leave-in conditioner and oil to the sectioned hair. Consider. If you want a side or middle part. How long you want to wear the hairstyle. Also, think about the length and thickness of your hair, and the time it will take to create your desired look. For smaller braids and twists, you'll need more than 4-6 sections.

3. Start from the back This way, the completed braids won't obstruct your creations of new ones. If your goal is perfect parts, you may need a handheld mirror to see the back of your head. Before braiding, part the section into a square and apply cream and oil.

4. Technique When braiding, separate the part into two, and for twisting divide into three. For tight twostrand twists that don't unravel, braid your hair in one spot then move your hands down.

5. Protect your moisture Moisturizing oil or a half and half mix of water, essential oils, and aloe in a spray bottle, works well to hydrate your hair without heaviness or too much expense. Next, cover with a silk wrap to prevent frizz and moisture loss.

6. Cleanse and Condition Many people wear their mini braids for a month without washing, but you can refresh your scalp in mini twists. Use a shampoo and conditioner that has a nozzle to ensure the liquid is applied directly to the scalp as not to disrupt your style.

7. Takedown Once worn, its time to remove them. Section your hair and apply water or softening products to remove each twist or braid with fewer tangles and damage. How to style Ponytail or bun: Rather than have your hair hang loose, pull minis back into a ponytail or bun. Headwraps: Add a pop of color to with a head wrap. It's also great as a coverup when your minis are frizzy, but you want to delay wash day further. Here's the thing. These protective styles are excellent for all hair types. You can get creative and include beads, hairpins, headwraps, scrunchies, gold clasps, and more. Mini braids and twists will remind you to love your hair, appreciate your length, embrace your texture, and love yourself without extensions.


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