Everyone hates when their hair gets messy and turns to knots. None of us want to spend hours untangling our hair and other people's hair. Whether you're at home or outside, this often happens as you walk along the streets, wear a hat, or pull on your t-shirt with the hair intact.

Keep reading to find out what causes tangled hair so you can address the problem before it’s too late.

Experts say that there are some reasons for frequent tanglings, such as regularly exposing your hair to high humidity, or applying an excessive amount of oil when styling. We’ve listed down the few common causes of why’s:


    1. Improper washing of hair

    2. Overexposure to heat

    3. Harsh weather conditions

    4. Chemical Treatments

    5. Towel-drying harshly

    6. Dehydration


    There are many reasons for tangled hair, but one thing is for sure: nobody likes it.

    Your hair is your crowning glory and it will be painful to lose even just one strand. When you have tangled hair, you may have tried everything to get rid of the knots without any luck.


    How to Prevent it?

    Using products with great natural ingredients combined together like Nora's Hair Care Products will result in healthy and shiny hair for all hair types in men and women. Here's a guide for you...

    1. Oil regularly with Nora Regrowth Serum

    2. Use Yes Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

    3. Exercise caution with hair trends

    4. Protect your hair when stepping out

    5. Treatments to protect from hair damage 

    6. Sleep on a Satin pillowcases

    7. Stay hydrated

    Tangled, knotted hair can happen to all types of hair. But it may be more common if your hair is damaged, naturally curly or dry. There are several strategies you can try to prevent or limit knots from forming. Using products like Nora's Haircare Products that are suited to your hair is helpful, too.

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