How to Prevent Product Build-up on Different  Types of Hair?

How to Prevent Product Build-up on Different Types of Hair?


Product builds up are caused by the use of sulfate and chemically enhanced hair care products that causes more damage to your hair strands. It is easy to tell when you have product build-up. You would also notice that your hair is limp, dry, and dull.

Product build-up does a lot of damage to the hair because the build-up prevents your products from getting to your hair. To keep your hair in the healthiest form, you need to learn how to prevent these before they occur.

Causes of product build-up

Major culprits behind product build-up are the ingredients in the different hair care products. Such ingredients include silicone, mineral oil, waxes, petroleum, and poly quats. These ingredients are in different kinds of hair products, including leave-ins, hair serums, and conditioners. While the products that cause build-up can be beneficial, they can eventually damage the hair.

Prevention of product build-up

  • Watch the products: Since the main cause of product build-up is the ingredients in hair products, you want to stay away from products with ingredients that cause build-up. We can recommend products that do not have ingredients that cause build-up. Our top recommendations are Nora's Restoring Shampoo and Yes Moisture Leave-in Spray, both formulated with ingredients that keep your hair completely healthy. In choosing your products, apart from our recommendations, you can go for products that are not heavy. You particularly want to stay away from products with a high level of petrolatum. Such products usually have a similar texture to Vaseline.

  • Stick with the thinner oils: Thinking that your hair needs all the grease in the world can cause product build-up. Oils that are too thick will cause build-up, and you should avoid them. Stick with the lighter and thinner oils such as almoond oil and olive oil. You can apply these oils regularly without developing build-up.

  • Wash your hair: Wash your hair regularly is a simple tip for preventing product build-up. If you wash your hair adequately, you wouldn't give it enough time for the build-up to develop. You can stick to a weekly or biweekly wash schedule to prevent product build-up. You should also wash your hair after exercising or other similar activities. The products you apply in washing your hair will also influence the tendency of product build-up. You need a shampoo for every wash. Do not just wash your hair with water or a conditioner. Get a good shampoo like Nora's Restoring Shampoo.

  • Stay with the essential products: You should stay with only the essential products. The unnecessary use of products will cause product build-up. Get to know your hair and the products it needs, and stick to the essentials. The essentials include shampoo, moisturizer, and detangler.


Product build-up should always be taken seriously as it significantly influences hair health. This article has provided a guide on the causes of product build ups and how to prevent them.



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