I want to share a few easy-to-follow tips for having relaxed hair that is healthy. Here are nine simple steps to take care of your relaxed hair.

How To Maintain Healthy Hair While Relaxed

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Are you fond of relaxing your hair? Many women these days are ditching their relaxers and going the natural route because they want healthier hair. While there is nothing wrong with this decision, it is possible to have healthy hair AND have it relaxed at the same time. 

Processed hair has the ability to thrive and be nourished. But, that only happens when you have a great relaxed hair health regimen set in place. We love that feeling after a fresh relaxing process when our hair is as sleek as ever when our fingers can effortlessly glide from the root to tip, and wrapping our hair at night only takes five minutes since our comb easily glides through our strands. Yes, that’s great and all, but as you know, it doesn’t last.

I want to share a few easy-to-follow tips for having relaxed hair that is healthy. Here are seven simple steps to take care of your relaxed hair.


1. Protein Treatments

During the relaxing process, protein bonds in the hair shaft get broken down. Hair is made up of keratin, a protein your strands need. Replenish the keratin that’s been compromised with a protein treatment once a month. However, too much protein can lead to breakage, so you’ll need to find a happy medium. The best time to do your treatment is during your next wash day after relaxing the hair the previous week. After shampooing, apply the treatment all over your hair and let sit for about five to 15 minutes. Rinse and style as usual. Try Yes Moisture Collection to moisturize and add balance throughout your hair.


2. Deep Conditioning

Once a month, good. Once a week, even better! Maintain relaxed hair health by deep conditioning especially on your relaxer touch-up days. Treat your strands with Nora's Replenishing Protein Deep Conditioner. If you want an even deeper condition, add heat. Place a shower cap on your head then use a heating cap or hooded dryer.

3. Only Relax When Needed

Make sure you’re only relaxing your hair when you are due for a relaxing treatment, and not when you feel a little new growth at the roots—and certainly not because you want your roots to be sleek and laid-down. Ideally, you should only be relaxing your hair only once a month to practice good relaxed hair health.

4. Moisturize

You know how the floor is slippery when wet? Well, hate to break it to you, but your hair is also fragile when it’s dry. Your hair shouldn’t feel like straw when you brush it. If it does, you probably have dry hair. Say goodbye to breakage by adding a proper moisturizing routine.

 5. Get the proper nutrients through your diet.

Drinking water and eating a properly balanced diet gives you the nutrients your hair doesn’t get from shampooing and conditioning alone.  This will promote healthier hair and growth from the inside.

 6. Wrap your hair nightly.

Wrapping your hair every night helps protect your ends, lays down your edges and roots, protects your style, and helps you stretch out the time in between your touch ups. Make it a habit to wrap your hair every night. You can choose head wraps here

 7. Trim your ends regularly

Don’t let anyone tell you that split ends can be repaired by a product. Split ends is literally when one strand of hair splits into two strands. Products can only mask split ends making them appear like they are fixed, however, once you shampoo your hair again they will reappear. Trimming them off is the only way to permanently get rid of them! Otherwise the hair will continue splitting up the hair shaft and will have to result in a drastic cut if you continue to delay cutting them. Have your ends trimmed every three months.



Only a licensed professional hairstylist should handle chemical services, including your relaxer.  If you want to drastically decrease your chances of over-processing, over-lapping, and damage, do not do your own relaxers.

If you’re not sure where to start, consult a professional who specializes in your type of hair, or follow someone with your hair type on social media, follow @thekenyattanicole & @norahairproducts.

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