Getting your hair braided is an investment of time and money, so you want 'em to last for as long as possible. For braids done with natural hair that might mean up to a week, while feed-in protective styles can last up to six weeks.

How To Keep Braids From Frizzing Up

TKN Beauties, brace yourselves for summer hairstyles are coming! 

Getting your hair braided is an investment of time and money, so you want 'em to last for as long as possible. For braids done with natural hair that might mean up to a week, while feed-in protective styles can last up to six weeks. 

However, with natural wear-and-tear, and other lifestyle factors (like exercise and beach days), your plaits are bound to look more lived-in than that first day. While this can look cool as well, those hoping to keep their style in for an extended period, without a ton of frizz, often find a special regime essential.


Here are the ways and tips for preventing one of the most common problems: frizz. 

1. The Sleeker The Part, The Neater The Braid.
Whether you're getting a feed-in protective style or braids on your natural hair, a neat parting is necessary. Careful sectioning is the key to preventing frizz.

2. Use A Pomade Gel or Gel

Once your hair is parted correctly and sectioned off, technique and products are essential. For protective styles, you can use a Foaming Pomade by Paul Michelle to add shine and memory to your braids.


3. Detangle As You Go

The smoother the braid, the less frizz, which is why it's important to detangle as you braid.


4. Finishing Products Are Important

Your work isn't done just because your braids are complete. Finishing steps are vital to make sure that your braids last without going haywire. You can use Nora Regrowth Serum which penetrates deep into your scalp to boost blood circulation while moisturizing your scalp to prevent dryness while stimulate hair growth.

5. Care For Braids While You Sleep

Sleeping without securing your hair is a recipe for frizzy braids. Moving around while you sleep creates tension in your hair, using a satin scarf, bonnet, or silk pillowcase will help reduce some of that tension, so you wake up with neat braids. You can use and choose wrap in here.

6. Hair Care Regimen

Get your follicles a hair care regimen with Yes Moisture Collection, it is a lightweight mixture of honey and biotin that is perfect for anyone who wants to have soft, healthy hair. This collection will add strength and elasticity to your strands without giving it any extra weight. Yes Moisture Collection is the perfect product for anyone who wants to experience the benefits of this amazing shampoo, conditioner & leave-in spray



Cornrows or boxed, long or short, natural hair or extensions—all braids need a touch-up to stay fresh. After a couple of weeks of cornrows, it’s a good idea to redo them to sustain the look. If you’re rocking box braids, look out for frizz as that’s a clear indication that it’s time for a refresher.

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