How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Honoring Juneteenth 2021

How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Honoring Juneteenth 2021

How Fashion and Beauty Brands Are Honoring Juneteenth 2021

On June 19, 1865, two and half years after the Emancipation Proclamation, the last of the slaves in Texas became free. The Juneteenth holiday is celebrated to commemorate that day and is an important holiday for the Black community.

Over time, as Juneteenth has become more widely accepted across the country, fashion and beauty brands have begun to pay more attention to the holiday. Let’s consider how fashion and beauty brands can get to honor Juneteenth 2021.

We will be highlighting the ways that fashion and beauty brands have honored the holiday in the past and general ideas these companies can apply.

An official holiday

Many fashion and beauty brands are declaring Juneteenth an official holiday and closing their doors on that day. With this development across the industry, employees get to spend the day as they wish.

The declaration of Juneteenth as an official holiday encourages better awareness of the holiday and the struggles of the Black community. With the free time they get from work, employees of companies that consider Juneteenth a paid official holiday can engage in activities in line with the holiday such as volunteering at an organization or reading a book that has a black author.

In 2020, a beauty brand, Kush Queen, as well as many other brands and companies made Juneteenth a paid holiday.

Even during the pandemic, organizations closed their doors. In this case, these organizations shut their virtual stores.


Donations are becoming a staple in the celebration of Juneteenth. Fashion and beauty brands are donating money to organizations that further the causes of Black people. In celebrating Juneteenth, the fashion and beauty brands also donated money to small Black-owned businesses.

An example of donations made in celebration of Juneteenth is from Glossier. The beauty brand started a grant initiative that was dedicated to Black-owned beauty businesses. There have also been instances where the organizations created special funds, in celebration of Juneteenth that was committed to grassroots organizations in Black communities.

Beauty and fashion brands have also celebrated Juneteenth by committing funds to ensure equality in the judicial system.

Product launch

As regards celebrating Juneteenth with product launches, we should mention that it shouldn’t be done as a basic marketing or sales strategy. Fashion and beauty companies shouldn't look for sales or marketing opportunities with Juneteenth.

Product launches could be part of Juneteenth celebrations of beauty and fashion brands when the product specifically addresses the needs of the Black community. This was seen during the launch of hair styling products by Tracee Ellis Ross’ Pattern Beauty.

In this case, the products were aimed at catering to the hair care needs of underserved communities with hair that is coily, curly, and tightly textured.


Although we already partly highlighted this point above, the big beauty and fashion brands can offer support to the smaller businesses. The large organizations can spotlight Black-owned businesses as well as creators.

In 2021, organizations with large platforms can host virtual events partnering with Black influencers to educate their audience about Juneteenth.

Fashion and beauty brands have ample opportunities and ways to celebrate Juneteenth 2021. We have highlighted excellent examples of how these organizations can celebrate this holiday.


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