Eay your Way to Healthy Hair

Eay your Way to Healthy Hair

Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

What keeps hair healthy?

Can't Control — Genes

Can Control — Products, your hair care routine, and your diet!

Together these *literally* grow or damage your healthy hair.


How will Nora's Oil keep your hair healthy? Nora's Hair Growth Oil promotes blood circulation on your scalp to nourish follicles and increase hair growth. BUT, your diet and hair care regime keep your hair ends healthy, so you retain length.


Hair ends are easily damaged. Why? Your body doesn't consider hair to be vital. What does this mean?


1. Water isn't pumped to your hair follicles when you dehydrated. I can always tell my clients haven't been drinking enough water because their scalp is super dry. Allergies to gluten also result in flaky scalps, worst case breakage.


2. Changes in your diet also result in differences in your hair. For instance, you've gone vegan, and now your protein intake is low, this can cause lackluster, coarse texture, hair loss or shedding. Low vitamin intake has the same effect.


External Healthy Hair Maintenance

To keep hair strands healthy, get trims and protein treat every 6-8 weeks. Maintain moisture and elasticity by deep conditioning bi-weekly every month. If you have dandruff, drink more water and gently scratch your scalp with a comb every 1-2 weeks. (PS. Dandruff makes it hard for your follicles to breathe, which is why it can be so itchy.) All this maintains root to tip healthy hair.


Internal Healthy Hair Maintenance

Eat the colors of the rainbow (raw fruits and vegetables), lots of protein and drink 32 ounces (4 cups) of water. But, diet isn't enough. Reason: Some vitamins and minerals essential to protein absorption naturally occur in insufficient quantities. And tablet supplements don't work much. Reason: Nutrient release is slow. Plus, not all tablets have the right nutrient blend to aid hair growth.


So. How do you eat your way to healthy hair, exactly?! Take our liquid Multivitamin (NutraBurst) and Hair Skin and Nail pills.

It works because:

· Liquid Multivitamin = 98% cell absorption vs. the pills = 40% cell absorption.

· Hair Skin and Nail pills high concentrations & blends of hair stimulating biotin and nutrient.

· And that's not all.


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