Best ways to solve natural elasticity problems

Best ways to solve natural elasticity problems


Hair elasticity is the hair element that influences the quality of the natural hair stretch. This is one of the most important hair elements as it influences hair styling and management. The elasticity also determines its health and shininess.

Usually, hair elasticity level is categorized into 3: normal, low level, and high level. If your hair has low elasticity, it is prone to breakage. Hair with low elasticity will also be easily damaged as it is manipulated.

Low elasticity is one of the features of unhealthy hair. If you find out that your hair has low elasticity, you should try to fix it. Here are few ways to solve your hair elasticity problems.

  • Regular washing: Water does a lot of good for your hair health, and this is why it is an important ingredient in hair care products. Water is a natural moisturizer that could be easily applied to improve hair elasticity. Whenever you feel like your hair needs a quick boost of moisture, water can be the go-to moisturizer. Regular washing is important for keeping hair hydrated. If you are not washing your hair regularly, you can simply just apply some water directly to your hair. Drinking a lot of water also helps with hair elasticity.

  • Reduced heat: As much as you need to hydrate your hair, you also want to remove excess water. The method you apply for removing the excess heat will influence the elasticity. To improve hair elasticity, when removing excess water from your hair, stay away from the hairdryer. Using hairdryers, especially at higher temperatures, can reduce hair elasticity and cause it to be brittle. Instead of using a hairdryer and setting it too high temperatures to dry your hair as soon as possible, go for steam drying. Steam drying is better than using a hairdryer because it doesn't suck out the moisture from the hair.

  • Protein treatment: The elasticity of hair determines its health. The protein content of hair determines its health and, in turn, elasticity. This is why protein treatment helps to solve natural hair elasticity problems. Apply protein treatment to improve the strength of your hair and make it softer. If you have hair elasticity problems, you should schedule hair treatments as often as every six weeks.

  • Deep conditioning: Deep conditioning does a lot of good for hair, as regards improving the moisture. Deep conditioning improves hair moisture and enhances hair elasticity. A deep condition also enhances the lustre and shine of your hair as well as the texture. To solve hair elasticity problems, create a hair care routine that includes deep conditioning at least biweekly.


Having shared important tips for improving hair elasticity, it is vital to state that you also need to use natural hair care products that do not leave residue on the hair to improve your hair elasticity. Try the Nora's Restoring Shampoo and Yes Moisture Conditioner. These products moisturizes your hair and leads to improved hair growth.

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