6 things you need to know about Healthy Hair

6 things you need to know about Healthy Hair

A multitude of different factors affect how sleek, shiny, strong and healthy in general, your hair is. This is why making sure your hair is healthy goes beyond the shampoo or hair product choose to opt for.

In understanding and maintaining healthy hair, they are things you need to know some of which include:

  1. Getting Regular Haircuts: Getting regular haircuts are important. Regular haircuts ensure minimal split ends or breakage; by recommendation, a trim every six to eight weeks is ideal. It might sound odd, but even hair experts have recommended the same.
  2. Going Natural: This may not be full time, but allowing your hair rest and recuperate is essential. By the weekend you should allow your hair to rest from everything it endured during the week. Let your hair air-dry, avoid heated styling products, and also keep it out of a ponytail or tight headband to avoid any unnecessary pulling on the hair shaft.
  3. Paying Attention to Your Scalp: The human body is constant with signs, the hair not left out. If you're constantly scratching your head due to dryness or itchiness, shampoos aren't helping, there's a problem, and you should consult a hairstylist or expert to seek for help. Ignoring such signs could result in irritation and soreness.
  4. Maintaining a Healthy Diet: What you eat and how you eat, has an effect on how healthy your hair is. The Hair is considered a non-essential tissue. Although the body does not send protein to hair follicles first but focuses on essential organs, like the heart or liver. However, eating lots of proteinous food can help your hair grow healthily.
  5. Avoiding Hot Tools: Blow-drying your hair daily is not advisable but If you must, be careful at it. It is wrong to concentrate the highest level on your hair for a long time. You should keep it moving on a cooler setting and lower velocity. If you plan to curl or straighten your hair with a hot wand, use a protective spray beforehand, as recommended by hair experts.
  6. Taking Scalding Hot Showers: Yes, it feels great to take a hot shower after a long day (especially in the winter), but scalding hot water doesn't do your hair good. It dries your hair out and, for color clients, washes out the hair color faster than cold water which also is not an ideal choice. It is recommended that you use lukewarm water instead, which is also great for the skin.


Growing and maintaining healthy hair is not a day job but very much achieving. If you are looking to start the journey, the above points are what you should know to get started. As you advance in the journey, you will get to learn more about healthy hair.


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