Is Your Hair Really Healthy? Here’s How You Can Tell.

Is Your Hair Really Healthy? Here’s How You Can Tell.

What is healthy hair?

Natural hair comes in various forms that include straight, curly, or wavy. Whatever form it takes, the consensus is that healthy hair is shiny and smooth with straight tips. It has no frizz, split ends, nor does it lackluster. There are more signs of healthy hair. 

Read on to find out if your hair is healthy. 

8 signs of a healthy hair

  1. Shiny: As mentioned above, shiny hair is a clear indication that your hair is doing great. This shine comes naturally and not from loads of hair cream. Having shiny hair also implies that the natural oils in your hair are spread equally in all parts.

  2. Minimal hair loss: It is usual for hair to shed when brushing or shampooing. When it sheds, new hair grows to replace it. What is abnormal is when you experienced a radical hair loss due to a problem associated with the scalp or other age-related issues. If you are losing a lot of hair, you should see a hair care therapist.

  3. No tangle: Another sign of healthy hair is one that does not get tangled easily. Tangled hair leads to breakage, which is a sign of unhealthy hair. One way to prevent hair tangling is by having a monthly trim.

  4. Hair growth: Healthy hair grows at least a quarter-inch every month. If your hair is not growing, it could be a sign of vitamin deficiency or a severe health issue. You should look for ways to maintain healthy hair and perhaps change your hair care routine. 

  5. Elasticity: When brushing or combing, stretching without breaking implies that you have elastic hair, which is a great sign of healthy hair.

  6. Healthy hair tips: There is no relationship between healthy hair and split ends. If the tip of your hair is standing on its strands, your hair is in a healthy state. Split ends are an indication of unhealthy hair. This can be changed through regular trimming. 

  7. Smooth texture: Your hair might be soft or strong, but what indicates healthy hair is the texture of your hair. When you have smooth hair, you can quickly run your fingers through it without encountering tangles or dryness. You can also style your hair with no discomfort.

  8. Healthy eating: Are you still wondering if you have healthy hair? Check your diet. From a healthy diet emerges healthy hair. Eating healthy with the right amount of healthy fats keeps the hair shiny and in good health.


Having healthy hair is every woman's dream, but only a few are ready to carry out the sacrifice needed to have healthy hair. Check the signs above to know if you have healthy hair. You can also create a hair care routine if you don't.


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