Struggle no more  When Shampooing your kids hair!!!!

Struggle no more When Shampooing your kids hair!!!!

Struggles Moms Have When Shampooing your Kids Hair

If you’re like most moms, you probably dread washing your child’s hair because it seems such times are a battle. Many toddlers put up a bit of a struggle when it’s time to wash their hair, but for some, the behavior can be frustrating as they may screech, scream, and hit. Why does your child put up a fight when they see you approach with a shampoo bottle and what you can do about it? Keep reading to find answers to these questions.

Why do some kids hate getting their hair shampooed?

There are different reasons kids dislike having their hair washed. For some, it could because they had a bad experience that led to a soap-in-the-eye situation while for others, it could be that they are going through a phase during which hygiene can be challenging.

However, the problem might be something that’s not so obvious – a sensory processing disorder. This health issue makes hair washing and hair brushing unpleasant for some kids, and they may even react violently.

How to help kids that hate getting their hair shampoo

Now that you know what may be the cause of your child’s refusal to have their hair washed, it’s time to learn some tricks that can make the task easier. These strategies have been proven to be effective by other parents, and they can make hair washing a fun affair (or at least a little tolerable.)

  • Talk with your child
  • Apply pressure before hair washing
  • Be gentle and loving
  • Wash hair sparingly
  • Allow for natural consequences

The first thing you should do is have a discussion with your child, so you can understand the problem from their perspective. Ask your child why they dread hair washing and let them suggest ways they think can help.

Before you get started with the hair washing process, it helps to apply some deep pressure to the scalp. The pressure will serve as a signal that hair washing is about to begin and prepare them for the process. You can refer to it as your hairdresser massage too.

You’re already aware that hair washing is difficult for your child, so be gentle and loving when you discuss the problem with them and also when it’s time to try any strategy. Keep in mind that kids can be quite embarrassed about topics like this, so make it easier for them.

If you wash your child’s hair every day or once in two days, consider washing their hair less often. Washing their hair every 3-4 days or even once in a week could be appropriate.

Sometimes, it helps to let your child experience the consequences of not washing their hair. If you have tried all you can but to no avail, let your kid experience the natural consequence of poor hygiene, which is usually their peer’s reaction to their greasy hair or bodily discomfort.


Kids are not like adults that can make up their minds in a moment. So be patient with your child and give them time to work their way to tolerating hair washing while you offer rewards and supply them with the necessary tools to take care of themselves. That’s the best you can do as a parent while you try to help them overcome this problem.

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