Maintenance Tips For Healthy Hair

Maintenance Tips For Healthy Hair

Most women are usually concerned about the length rather than the health of their hair. What they don’t realize is that if you are able to maintain your hair’s health, it will eventually grow longer. Achieving that result depends on the habits you practice.


Here are the 6 most effective tips you should know about maintaining healthy hair.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

The journey to healthy hair begins from within. What you eat doesn’t just play a role in keeping you healthy but also contributes to stronger, healthier hair. It has been proven that some foods increase hair growth and improve the look of the hair. For instance, foods rich in proteins (like salmon, avocado and pumpkin seeds) can help make your hair stronger while foods rich in vitamin A and C (like blueberries, spinach and asparagus) can help keep your hair hydrated.


2. Be Careful With Heat

If you really want to maintain healthy hair, you will be doing your hair a great service by staying away from heat as much as possible. Too much heat can lead to breakage, split ends and even dry brittle hair, with slim chances of your hair reverting back to normal. Air-drying your hair is a better option but if you must use a blow dryer, always use the low or medium settings and try not to use it too often.


3. Get Regular Trims

You’re probably wondering how trimming your hair can help you grow and maintain healthy hair because it seems counterproductive. Natural hair is typically prone to dryness and knots, which may eventually damage ends. By trimming your hair regularly, you will be able to nip the damage in the bud and keep the hair in good condition.


4. Keep Your Hair Hydrated

Water is your hair’s best friend, so make sure that it is always hydrated. There are several ways to consistently keep your hair dry and one of them is washing with conditioner. Another trick is to treat your hair to a hydrating hair mask to bring and lock in moisture into your hair. Also, consider applying hydrating milk or cream or oil before styling your hair. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water too!


5. Wear Protective Styles

As the name implies, protective styles are great because they give your hair from constant manipulation and prevents your hair from breakage, shedding or damage. Great examples of protective hairstyles you can use including wigs, weaves, buns, bantu knots, braids or twists. The key to wearing these styles is to not wear them too long that you forget to take care of your real hair. Click here to check out these easy protective styles.


6. Detangle

When it comes to detangling your natural hair, water is an absolute necessity. People who try to comb through their hair while it’s dry often discover that the tangles tend to increase, which in turn makes them frustrated. Sometimes, combing dry hair for too long might even lead to headaches and breakage. Be kind to your natural hair by making it wet before you detangle and always use a detangling brush or a wide tooth comb. Try using this formula below, Regrowth Serum and Nora’s Leave-In Conditioner Mocktail Recipe can be found in our free ebook; My Natural Hair Care Journal & Recipe.

Regrowth Serum and Nora’s Leave-In Conditioner Mocktail Recipe


7. Wrap-up

There’s nothing more beautiful than a crown of healthy, gorgeous and shiny hair. The above tips can help keep your hair in great condition and enable you to reach any hair length goals you might have. 


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