Here's Why You Should Use Fewer Products on Wash Days

Here's Why You Should Use Fewer Products on Wash Days

Wash days are one of the most critical days for persons with natural hair. They are usually set aside to wash your hair and care according to your established routine.

While wash days aim to care for your hair and keep it healthy, they could go wrong if you are not working with the correct information and products for your hair care.

One piece of information that could be wrong is the product usage: are you using too much or too little product? This article focuses on product usage on wash days and why you should use fewer products.

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What are the essential wash day products?

  • Natural oils: Natural oils are wash day essential for people with dry scalp. They also moisturize the hair and makes it shiny. One of the best natural oil for your scalp Nora hair growth oil. This product increases hair growth and prevent dandruff and split ends. It contains unique ingredients like Alma oil, Bacopa herb, Sesame oil, turmeric oil, peppermint oil, chilli seed, rosemary oil & other essential oils.

  • Shampoo: Shampoos are wash day essentials for removing oil, buildup, and dirt. Your choice of shampoo should be based on your knowledge of your hair. A shampoo like Yes Moisture Shampoo specially formulated with natural ingredients for improved hair health is perfect for all-natural hair lovers

  • Conditioner: Conditioners moisturize the hair and acts as cleansing agents to remove dirt, buildup, and oil. They also prevent the formation of split ends. The Nora 8oz Yes Moisture Conditioner is uniquely formulated to make your hair just s soft to the touch. Infused with Argan oil to strengthen and condition your hair, this creamy, hydrating potion delivers moisture into open cuticles for lasting effect.

  • Deep conditioners: Deep conditioners do a lot more than the work of the regular conditioner. Deep conditioners particularly rejuvenate the hair and keep it healthy. You should incorporate deep conditioners into your wash day routine at least once a month.

Why you should use fewer products?

This article has taken a detailed look at the essential products for a wash day. It is vital to stick to these key products and avoid other products that may contain harmful chemicals and even cause harm to your scalp or leave residues.

For example, you may not necessarily need to apply much coconut oil and olive oil if you have dry hair. A simple wash-day routine of washing and conditioning may be all that you need.

It is essential to understand that hair butter, creams, and oils are not primary moisturizing agents. You could apply cream, butter, and oils and still have dry hair, prone to damage.

Conditioners are the primary moisturizing agents for hair. You could top the moisturizing benefits of conditioners with deep conditioners and leave-in conditioners.

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