Yes, trimming your hair can make it look healthier, thicker, and even shinier. Healthy Hair Expert and Hairstylist Kenyatta Nicole recommends cutting between a quarter to half an inch off the hair every 12-14 weeks if growing it out.  



1. Gets Rid of Split Ends

2. No More Heat Damage

3. Prevents Single Strand Knots

4. Great For Growth

5. Gets Rid of Swollen Ends

6. Easier To Style

7. Reduces Frizz

8. Promotes Healthy Hair


In addition to all these benefits, if you are planning to get rid of split ends, you must trim your hair at regular intervals if you do not wish to cut your hair, look for treatments for damaged locks and split ends, the Nora Hair Products got your hair to keep it healthy naturally. We've listed down the pros and cons too of CUTTING hair.



1. Flattering. Cutting long hair is a fantastic way to draw attention to the neck and collarbone's delicate features, which often go unnoticed.

2. Easy to Care For. Many consider it a short cut simply because it can be so easy to care for, especially those cut in the wash-and-wear style.

3. Face Structure and Features. A short cut will not only bring out one's neck, collarbone, and shoulders, but it will also put your facial features on display.



1. Regrets. Some people do have regrets after going short, but it's usually only because they haven't taken the time to consider all of their styling options.

2. Limited Choices. As cruel as it may be, there really are a limited amount of styles you can wear with short hair, but this doesn't necessarily have to be a problem.


Let your hair grow to great lengths. But don't let it get damaged beyond repair by neglecting to trim it regularly. You must keep an eye on what type of cut suits your face shape, volume and texture of hair, lifestyle, and personal preferences before making a final decision.

You may consult Kenyatta Nicole for hair problems. Click here to book your appointment with her. 

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