Are protective hairstyles thinning my hair?

Are protective hairstyles thinning my hair?

Are protective hairstyles thinning my hair?

Protective hairstyles have been touted as the solution for a lot of hair problems. You've probably heard about how protective hairstyles can enhance hair growth. Protective hairstyles have also been described as the go-to option for when you want minimal manipulation to your hair and simply want to give it a rest. But is this the whole picture? Are protective hairstyles damaging and thinning your hair? Let's address that issue in this article.

We will be considering the possibility of hair damage according to the type of protective hairstyle and sharing tips for avoiding possible hair damage.

  • Braids

If you’ve ever looked into protective hairstyles or asked for recommendations, braids were probably at the top of the list. Thus, it is only natural for us to begin with braids. Yes, braids are protective hairstyles and great for when you do not want to deal with the hassles of styling your hair regularly.

If you just want to keep your hair up, braids are a great option to go with. Also, braids can help with hair growth. This is especially true when you maintain your conditioning, shampooing, and moisturizing schedule, even with the braids.

Now to the question of whether protective hairstyles can thin your hair: yes, braids can thin your hair and cause hair damage. Hair thinning occurs when the hair is pulled too hard. Hair on the edges is particularly affected in this case.

Braids could also cause hair damage when the extensions are heavy or the braids are worn for a long period. You now know what to avoid to prevent hair damage from braids.

  • Crotchets


Crotchets are protective hairstyles because the already-made extensions are installed on cornrows. However, they can cause hair damage when the hair is worn for long periods, usually more than 8 weeks.

  • Wigs

Wigs are protective hairstyles because they allow you to experience different types of hairstyles without any form of manipulation to your hair. Your hair will be safely kept in cornrows while you enjoy your preferred hairstyles. With your hair in cornrows and you following your established haircare routine, wigs will not damage your hair in any way. So, wigs are completely protective when you care for your hair regularly.

Hair thinning can also be associated with wigs. This is the case when you use wig glue and adhesive regularly and apply them directly to your edges. The constant use of wig glue and adhesive can cause hair thinning leading to serious hair damage. To prevent thinning from wigs, reduce the application of glue and adhesive directly to your edges. You can also opt for cap-less wigs or particularly choose breathable caps.

  • Weaves

Weaves allow you to do a lot with your hair when your hair is in cornrows. Keeping your hair in cornrows and free of extensive manipulation is great for maintaining its health.

However, weaves can cause damage when the cornrows are too tight or the hair is sewn in too tightly. Avoid these scenarios to keep weaves protective. Also, remember to keep up with your hair care routine.


Protective hairstyles can be fully protective when you avoid the red flags we mentioned. A common factor all through this article is the importance of a proper hair care routine and using the right products. Products like Yes Moisture Conditioner are always a great addition to your hair care routine.


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